We met while working at Miranda Thomas Pottery in Bridgewater, Vermont.  After discovering a mutual love for woodfired pottery we embarked on a creative collaboration which, over the past decade, has resulted quite a few projects.  We got married and, in the same week, purchased and started renovating a crumbling (literally) farmhouse .  We built several wood fired kilns.  Had a kid.  Built a mini-farm to feed ourselves home grown quality produce.  And made quite a few pots together.

Evan Williams

Evan uses brushwork and finger wiping through slip to decorate the couple's pots. Evan first became interested in pottery during his senior year of studying art at Syracuse University, taking two semesters of wheel throwing on a whim. After graduation he did an apprenticeship at Simon Pearce in Quechee and Windsor, Vermont. After two years pure throwing he went to work with Miranda Thomas, a student of Michael Cardew, to learn other aspects of pottery making such as firing, glaze formulation and decoration. 

Grace Pejouhy

Grace throws simple forms with clean lines that can then be accentuated by Evan's decoration. A current design of her's is to add sculpted birds to the lids of storage jars. Grace studied pottery at Earlham College under former Warren MacKenzie apprentice Mike Theideman. After College she spent a Summer internship at Miranda Thomas Pottery,  in Vermont where she met future husband Evan Williams. Her dedication to woodfired pottery led her to an apprenticeship at Cornwall Bridge Pottery with another Michael Cardew student, Todd Piker.